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Big Fat Indian Weddings - Pre Wedding Rituals Decoded

Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Indian Wedding rituals are pompous and are as significant as the decorations, fineries, entertainment and flowers. Along with the union of two souls, marriages in India are also the union of two diverse families. Marriages are an elaborate affair of rituals, customs and norms. Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies are spread over three to four days of festivities.
Before the main wedding occasion a number of pre wedding factors are taken into consideration. Preparing the bride’s trousseau, fineries, the invitation list, and the venue all calls for hard work and skill. Modern day weddings however, rope in an event planner which makes the entire series of events of preparing for a wedding a whole lot easier. The bride and groom have to go through a number of Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India before they finally tie the knot on the day and time chosen as per the muhurat. Some of the important Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India are Sangeet, 
Mehendi, Tilak and Engagement ceremony.

India is a country with diverse cultures and each culture In India has their own unique way of celebrating Wedding Ceremonies. These ceremonies are as significant as the main marriage ceremony and form an integral part of the whole spectrum.  Pujas and Yajnas are performed for the well-being of the couple. 

Haldi Ceremony 

Haldi is also regarded as an auspicious occasion by the Hindus. Both the bride and bride groom are smeared with Haldi. This ceremony is also known as Uptaan elsewhere in India. A paste is made from Turmeric, rosewater and sandalwood. The bride and the groom are barred from seeing each other after this ceremony till the marriage day.

These Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India may be different for the different races and clans. However each of the custom has one thing in common and that is to prepare the bride and the bride groom for the auspicious marriage day and to invoke many blessings on the couple. Every occasion is enlivened by songs, dance, rituals and general discussions on love, marriage, and after marriage commitments.

Engagement Ceremony

Indian Marriages are said to involve maximum rituals, traditions and vibrancy otherwise absent in any other marriages around the globe. Marriages are said to be the binding of two hearts rather than anything else, in which two people come together, chosen by the families mostly, except for love marriages, and solemnly pledge to share every sorrow and joy with one another. The Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremony in which the couple exchange rings with each other. Therefore it is also known as the Ring Ceremony.

The most vital social event in Indian custom, marriage is based on the early Vedic Concept in which union of two souls and bodies make for a supreme union. The main wedding is elaborate and continues for at least 5 days. There are numerous wedding Ceremonies held before the wedding.
 Engagement Ceremony is one of them.

Engagement Ceremony in India is known by different names. In some parts of the country it is known as Misri, while in others it is known as Ring Ceremony, still others call it Ashirbad. It is also called Mangni in some other parts of the country. Various are the names, but the significance is all the same. It is the first step to pledging to spend the rest of your life with the chosen one.
On the day of the ceremony of Engagement, the members of the bride and grooms family meet and bless the couple so that they may lead a very peaceful and happy life.

Mehendi Ceremony

Celebrated by the Bride's family, the Mehendi Ceremony is an amusing ritual observance that derives its origin from the Traditional Indian customs. In this ceremony, Mehendi is put in the hands and feet of the bride, in beautiful and intricate designs, especially done with the help of an expert.
The entire ritual of Mehendi Ceremony has a deeper significance. It signifies love in a marriage and it is highly auspicious if the bride is able to retain her Mehendi for a longer time, since this indicates more love from her husband. The Mehendi Ceremony is accompanied with great merriment and dancing and the females take a major role in Mehendi Ceremony. Held a couple of days before marriage, this function is lit up by the colorful attire, vibrant music, enthusiastic dance and pulsating instrumentals that make it all the more charming.

Sangeet Ceremony

Basically Sangeet Ceremonies are usually held after The Mehendi Ceremony. The women folk of the household gather around the bride. This is followed by fun, frolic, dance and traditional wedding songs. Sangeet Ceremony is an occasion when the bride is blessed by her elders which is then followed by good food, upbeat music and a whole of family grooving. 
Traditionally speaking the Sangeet Ceremonies are very much a part of the formal engagement or the Sagaai program that takes place a few days before the main wedding. It is generally celebrated by North Indian families. However in recent times Sangeet has made its presence felt even in South India. The concept of Sangeet though traditional and age old, is in vogue. Many wedding planners swear by it and says it add the fun dimension to any marriage ceremony. Professional help is taken to prepare for the occasion. With destination weddings taking center stage thematic events are the rage. Sangeet ceremonies in India are now aesthetically pleasing and totally entertaining.
The theme of these Sangeet Ceremonies revolve between the bride and groom - their love life, how they fell in love, how they met, and likewise. The dances are well choreographed and practiced.
Moreover Sangeet Ceremonies also give everyone a chance to get together. Relatives travel long distance to be there beside their loved ones on this special occasion. It speaks of the strong sense of intimacy in Indians. It also shows that, by nature Indians are social beings.

Tilak Ceremony

Tilak Ceremony is one of the most important Pre Wedding Ceremonies; it holds an important position as regards its auspicious nature in traditional Hindu customs. The Tilak Ceremony varies from one state to another. It is also very different in case of diverse castes and creeds. Among the tribal in India, the Tilak Ceremony holds good, but the way is quite different from its urban counterpart. Tilak which is also the sign of auspiciousness is generally donned by the male members of the groom's family the uncles, cousins, brothers by using Kumkum, the red vermilion.

The ceremony is usually held in the groom's residence or the venue chosen to host the destination wedding. It is often held in temples to seek blessings from the almighty, to prosper from his marriage, have wider scope, opportunities and have an altogether improvement in life. For example according to the Sikh Mythology it is very essential that the Tilak Ceremony is held in a Gurudwara, so that the chief priest may also recite a hymn to make it more auspicious for the groom.

After the commencement of Tilak Ceremony the bride's father offers gifts to the groom and to all other members of the family. Ranging from fruits to clothes, goods and sweets the gifts are regarded as propitious and are distributed among the different members of the groom's family. In exchange of these gifts, the groom's father sends sugar, coconut, rice, clothes, jewellery and henna to the bride's family to be distributed with much merriment among the members of the family. Generally the relatives of the groom's family carry the objects to the bride's house with much gaiety.
Sometimes the Tilak and Mehendi Ceremonies are held together. This is especially done in order to reduce the hassles of two consecutive ceremonies for both the bride as well as the groom. This merging also makes way for more entertainment and joyfulness.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Favours - Let's make wiser choices

Every couple wants their guests to take back some pleasant wedding memories and a little souvenir that the guests would love to own and put to good us when all the wedding spirit has ended.
When it comes to picking wedding favors to give away on your big day, it’s important to make them pretty, memorable, and thoughtful! Because more and more people are making going green a lifestyle, why not choose to give out eco-friendly favors to your guests? Here are some wedding giveaway ideas that are not only pretty to look at, but kind to the environment too!

Plants or Seeds

When it comes to environmental-friendly matters, I don’t think there’s anything more basic than growing a plant! Plus, plants have the power to calm your senses too, which your guests will be thanking you for sooner or later.

Local Coffee

Here’s something your guests will be sure to use! You can choose from different varieties of coffee beans to make your own special blend. Make sure to stick with locally sourced coffee beans to support our local farmers!

Eco Bags

Why not give your guests a bag made out of 100% recycled material? Not only are bags like this kind to the environment, they’re kind to your guests as well by being of great help in carrying their things–the no-plastic way! Now who wouldn’t love that?

Non Plastic Tumblers

Hand your guests tumblers for them to use whenever they head to their favorite coffee shop. You can add a personalized touch by putting on cute designs or details too! You can say goodbye to coffee cups and water bottles with style!

Metal Straws

Here’s a pretty cool fact, did you know that one metal straw is equal to five hundred forty plastic straws?! Imagine how much good you’re doing the environment by gifting each and every one of your guests with this! You’ll deserve a pat on the back, for sure.

Bamboo Tooth Brushes

Here’s another comparison: One bamboo toothbrush is equivalent to four plastic toothbrushes! By giving wood or bamboo toothbrushes away as your wedding favor, you’re low-key educating your guests to be kinder to nature! 

Recycled Notebooks and Planners

Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty! Believe me, there are tons of notebooks made out of recycled paper, and they still look as aesthetic as ever! With lots of notes to be jutting down during their daily lives, your busy guests will appreciate this.

Home Made (or organically bought) Preserves

If you’re the homely type and have a special Jam or preserve recipe, treat your guests to a thoughtful gift from the heart. If you want to skip the hassle and opt for store bought instead, purchase organic preserves from your local farmers market!

Organic Tea blends

Get creative with a blend of berry teas or delightful herbal creations to transport your guests to heaven in a tea-cup

Eco Friendly Soaps

Naturally made soaps are not only good for the environment, they’re a real heaven-scent treat, too!

Organic Bath Salts

Give your guests the gift of a gentle, relaxing bath with organic bath salts. They’ll thank you later!

Herbal Favors

Invigorate table arrangements with a flavor infusion. Farmers'-market greenery, like oregano, basil, and tarragon, gives this modern setting an organic feel; planted in sleek pots, the herbs double as inventive displays for a wraparound menu of foods that put the plants' virtues to good use

Tins with Seeds

These seed-filled tins make it possible for each of your guests to take home a pop-up garden. We affixed labels to each one -- names and date on the front, and simple planting instructions on the back.

Takeaway Plant Centerpieces

For a takeaway centerpiece that's anything but garden variety, decorate reception tables with an array of plants that guests can gaze at while they dine, then take home with them at evening's end. The vessels holding these miniature orchids are wrapped in fabric for more exotic appeal.

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Kick The Fun In The Sun Up At Your Summer Wedding - Outdoor Wedding Games

Some fun & interesting games at your mehendi or your welcome lunch are a good way to set the vibe for the rest of your celebration!! These games also double up as an excellent opportunity to break the ice and make mingling around a whole lot easier. Let the good old “Antaakshari” and “Dumb Charades” take a back seat while these super fun alternatives get your guests soaking up some sun while they have tonnes of fun!! If you have a wedding planner on board getting the arrangements right will be a cakewalk. The team can get the required props ready and set up at the venue for you.

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Run Find & Click

Remember the times you played “I Spy” as a kid? Well consider this an upgraded version of the game. Your guests get divided into teams. Have at hand printed cards with the team names, the guests stick their hand in a bag a pick a card which assigns them their team. Each team gets a list of items they need to spot and click using a Polaroid camera. The team that fulfills the list in the least amount of time and makes their way to the assigned location or starting point, wins the challenge!


This one is bound to leave your guests with roaring laughter.  The participants have to dance while the music plays, and when it stops, everyone has to put their hands and feet on the colors called out, and thanks to the shortage of colored circles, people have to bend and stretch in the funniest positions! An easy way to incorporate the game into your wedding setup is to have the flex for your dance floor printed accordingly or have a spare flex printed with the colored circles that can be laid over the dance floor when it’s time for the game.


A horizontal bar, known as the limbo bar, is placed atop two vertical bars. All contestants must attempt to go under the bar with their backs facing toward the floor. Whoever knocks the bar off or falls is eliminated from the challenge. When passing under the bar, players must bend backwards. The height of the limbo is dropped with each song. This one is perfect to get the party started!

The Ultimate Kite Flying Challenge

This one is super easy to arrange for. All you need is some open space, a couple of kites and some enthusiastic guests.  If you have a beach wedding planned with the beach in close proximity that is definitely an advantage. The breezy beach and open space to run around and get those kites soaring high, seems like a super fun idea!

Team Up For Some Sports

Nothing brings people together like shared love for a sport. Right from cricket, football or volleyball. Well again, if you have a beach at hand let that be your court. For a sport enthusiast, the game can be adapted to suit any surrounding. In a beach version of the game your guests get a taste of the sun, sand and the sea. 
Split the teams as Team Bride and Groom and you've got yourselves a competition that's going to be so much fun! And yes, don't forget customized tees and caps!

Ring Your Bottle

This one is classic, It involves throwing a ring and aiming it to go around the bottle. Super easy to DIY, and you can get as creative with the bottles as you want! You can even line some imported liquor bottles and let the winner keep them!

Balloon Pop Challenge

Divide your guests into teams. The team lines up at one end. The other end has a basket filled with balloons equal to the number of team members and a sturdy chair. Each member of the team takes turns to run across to the chair, grabs a balloon and pops it by sitting on it. The next member in line can run only when the prior member has returned to the starting point. The team that pops all the balloons first wins.

Giant Snakes And Ladders

Players themselves act as the counters in this human edition of the classic game and move up the ladders and down the snakes. Get quirky with rules to add your own punch of fun. Your event planner can source/arrange this for you.

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Destination Wedding Etiquette - Be The Dream Guest

Destination weddings are a splendid affair! They are especially delightful if it’s an Indian wedding featuring best friends, childhood pals, crazy cousins and the ever so amazing family near and far. A wedding undoubtedly stands as one of the top events in the lifespan of the couple.
The couple and their family is bound to pour their heart out into ensuring all their guests have a beyond pleasant experience. For some people destination weddings are a welcome opportunity to travel and celebrate with their nearest and dearest. For others, they're an expensive and painful obligation. Whichever boot fits you, it's your job to follow destination wedding etiquette and be the best guest you can be. If you find yourself on the guest list for an upcoming destination wedding, you might want to read on to ensure you are a dream guest & ensure the wedding is a smooth sailing affair for the families & you!

#1 Destination weddings are much more logistically complicated than traditional weddings. Couples commonly block off availability for wedding guests at a hotel.  It is good manners to RSVP to all social event invitations within 24 to 48 hours, especially weddings. At the very least, try to respond within the time stated on the invitation to avoid an awkward call from the bride/groom or their families following up. Destination wedding etiquette requires you to go only if you really want to. If you feel like attending will be a major strain on your finances or an annoying ordeal, you can politely decline. If you confirm, you better show up.  Failing to attend a regular wedding is a faux pas, but you can definitely get away with it. At worst, you've left the couple with an empty seat and an uneaten plate of chicken. Backing out of a destination wedding, however, is a serious breach of etiquette. You're costing the bride and groom space on a limited guest list, room reservations and a pricey resort dinner.

#2 At most a destination wedding, the couple is paying for the wedding ceremony, reception & a meal or two which will definitely be specified. Factor in the costs for travel, accommodations, meals, adult beverages, excursions, & incidentals before confirming your attendance. Book your airfare, hotel well in advance, waiting until the 11th hour will cost you big. Destination weddings are expensive. You should approach planning this trip like you would any other vacation.

#3 Comfort first. Always throw in comfortable clothes & footwear to accommodate an after party. For events that require you done ethnic wear, carry outfits that require minimal draping. Ditch the saree unless you are a pro at draping it yourself & pulling it off without having to dread slip ups. Moreover sore feet should in no way be an obstacle to ditch the party. You’ve taken the time to travel and celebrate a momentous occasion of your loved one. Participate in the wedding activities and make the most of your trip.

#4 Respect the Venue. The couple and their families usually spend a huge chunk on the wedding. The least you can do is be respectful of the venue & ensure nothing you do damages the property. This means the charge is debited to the families & is an unnecessary cost incurred. If you’re attending an international wedding, keep in mind the laws and etiquette of the country.

#5 When gifting, the best way to present it is to arrange for a delivery to their home. Buy a gift that matches the relationship: You will spend more on your brother than on your distant neighbor. It'd also be nice to make a monetary gesture if the newlyweds are seeking funding for a down payment or other large purchases, but always stay within your financial constraints. If the couple has a wedding registry set up, Use it!! That is definitely your saving grace.

#6 Respect privacy. Check with the bride beforehand to see if it’s okay to post images on social media. It’s poor form to tweet or live-stream the ceremony or reception, because you are sharing private moments with thousands of people who were not invited. The bride and groom may want to be the ones posting. And, since wedding hash tags are a serious matter these days, there’s even a business creating custom ones for couples. It’s always best to double-check that you're using the right one in your updates.

#7 Don’t mock the toast-makers, let your phone blare, or use your camera flash to interrupt special moments. Find time to congratulate the couple personally, and mingle away; don’t spend the entire night glued to your phone or the bar. Celebrate with the ones you love & dwell in the moment to make new friends in a cool destination. 

#8 Always stay hydrated during the hectic pre-wedding functions, especially during the events that take place during the day. Pace yourself while drinking alcohol. Drinking late into the night might require a second thought; you will end up with a hangdog expression, bloodshot eyes and not the best of skin. Save the binge drinking for the last day of the celebration!

#9 Make the best out of unexpected scenarios & be supportive. An unexpected downpour, or a medical emergency or anything alike. Such scenarios are unexpected & unaccounted for. Extend your support wherever possible. If it’s a vagary of nature & not life threatening be a sport & stick around
#10 If you linger a few days longer after the wedding, be sure to give the bride and groom some space. They're on their honeymoon now, and they'll want a little time to reconnect after the stress of planning a wedding.


Is it OK to stay elsewhere if the hotel the couple chose is above my budget?
Most couples try and book an alternative hotel if the main property is particularly expensive, but not everyone does. It isn’t rude for you to stay at another location if the main property is above your budget, However it is crucial to communicate the same to the couple in advance, as the couple hotel holds a minimum guarantee of rooms & have to pay for regardless of the occupancy. If you do decide to stay elsewhere, be sure that you will have access to the hotel, beyond just the time window for the wedding. If it’s an all-inclusive resort, you might not be allowed to visit friends by the pool for the afternoon.

If the couple has a weekend itinerary planned, is it OK to stray from the activities as long as I attend the main event?
Totally. If you weren’t required to RSVP to something, then it is definitely not mandatory. However, if they are doing a group kayaking trip the day before the ceremony and you RSVP’d yes to the event on their website , then don’t show up that would be considered inconsiderate.

Is it acceptable to cut the trip short, for budget purposes?
As long as you don’t miss the main event, you aren’t required to stay for any particular amount of time. But you should let the couple know well in advance what you will and won’t be attending.

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Wedding Registry - Gifting Experience Rooted in Practicality

With wedding gifting begins the ‘vicious gifting cycle’. One where the multiple clocks, dinnerware, watches, sheets and such other merchandise all wrapped up in pretty bows and colorful paper end up as gifts you roll out at the next party you attend! A wedding registry strives to create a gifting experience rooted in practicality. Having a wedding registry is extremely common at western weddings. The concept of creating your wedding gift wishlist made its entry in the Indian wedding domain in the year 2016 with the arrival of the concept is creeping in slowly but steadily with millennial's embracing the practicality of the idea.

What Couples Think: Its weird requesting for gifts.
What Guests Think: We are gifting them either ways, knowing what they actually need makes the whole process of deciding the gift way more easy and practical.

People will want to buy you gifts no matter what, might as well make it worth their buck!

Your guests are expecting to get you a gift for your wedding, so taking the time to pick out things you’ll really enjoy makes that process so much easier. That way you’ll end up with the décor items or experiences you will love, instead of something totally unexpected that doesn’t fit your taste.
Culturally, Indians remain apprehensive about wishing for gifts, especially when it comes to higher-end items they might not be able to afford for themselves or use right away. The idea of selecting your own gifts and asking relatives to contribute may seem audacious to some. But most guests love wedding registries—it helps them find a gift the couple really wants, and those high-end items? You’d be surprised how quickly they get snapped up as group gifts or by your favorite aunt. A wedding registry is a practical solution to the age old wedding gift dilemma!

What Couples Think: “These gifts are too expensive.”
What Friends Think: Let’s all pitch in!!

How does a wedding registry work in India?
The western culture ropes in multiple stores and multiple wishlist's as a part of their wedding registry. In India; couples can pull off a wedding registry through select websites that help achieve the same. Essentially you initiate your gift registry on a website and add all the items on it which you would love to receive as gifts. You then invite all your guests into your registry so they can see your wish list and buy you the items you chose. Some with gracious hearts request guests to donate to a charity they support. However the choice is solely yours and right from appliances to holidays, you can have it all.

“Couples create a registry where their guests help fund things a down payment for a house or any home improvement projects if they already own one” Says Sudha Maheshwari  Founder and CEO of 

Here’s a list of a few websites you could use to customize your wedding wishlist


When actor Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with American singer Nick Jonas, they opted for a wedding registry of gifts ranging from home basics, travel essentials to pet accessories, making the concept popular.

Actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh requested guests to donate to a charity (The Live Love Laugh Foundation) they supported; it’s also an accepted form of gifting.

We’ve also got you covered on a few tips to help you through

Time It Right

Registering post your engagement is a good thing to do. It’s great for guests who'd like to purchase a gift for any prewedding celebration—engagement parties, showers—or for people who'd just like to send something to congratulate you!

Be Yourself

Don't go by traditional registry lists. If you’re not a fan of baking and love adventure or camping instead it makes more sense to register for a tent than for a stand mixer. However also consider the fact that your tastes may change in the future.

Do It Together

The two of you should be registering for gifts you'll both enjoy. To decide on what you need, talk about the style of home you'd both like, and divide and conquer categories (maybe you get to choose electronics, while your partner selects the bedding). Try not to take too much input from well-meaning family members and friends—this is for your home, not theirs, and your decisions should be made with your partner.


To satisfy gift needs for showers and engagement parties, request more items than the number of people on your guest list. Having options doesn't look greedy at all: You're actually doing guests a favor by giving them more choices.

Think Outside the Box

Have everything you already need? Register for experiences, right from honeymoon trips, spa treatments, hotel stay, concert tickets—the sky's the limit.

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Hello Summer Weddings - Summer Wedding Ideas

Well, the winter weddings have been amazing & it’s now time to roll out some exquisite summer weddings. If you are a gorgeous summer bride to be & you’re reading this, continue reading because we’ve got you covered with ideas that will leave you inspired for your sunny wedding days!

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate some more!

Keep your guests hydrated in style with fruit-infused water. Flavored H20 will make guests even more inclined to stay hydrated during a hot celebration. If you don’t want to get all fancy, ensure sufficient chilled bottled water is available at every ceremony.

Drink It Up

Get your F&B team to stock up sangria, mimosa, mai tai, mojitos etc. Get the team to curate a new mocktail/cocktail that can be named after the two of you.

Boozy popsicles are a fun choice for those pool parties and afternoon events on your itinerary.  Ensure you have non-alcoholic ones stocked up for the kids and non-drinkers. Display cans of soda, beers in a boat filled with ice.


Hailed as a crowd-pleasing option that’s full of flavor. Swap the traditional wedding meals for grills and barbecue. There's a time and place for a heavy, decadent five-course meal, and your summer wedding is not it. 

Sticking to lighter, more refreshing fare, like simple grilled fish or chicken, a fresh salad, seasonal vegetables, chutneys, dips, breads ensure you have happy tummy’s akin happy guests. Thrown in a few conventional Indian options to satiate guests that are keen on Indian fare.

Summer Saviours

Prepare a basket of flip flops, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, wet wipes, scarves and leave them in the wash rooms for guests to grab. 

These also double up as welcome hampers in line with your summer wedding.

Make a Smart Timeline

The last thing you want to do is ask guests to stand around in the sun for hours on end. While we suggest keeping the time between your ceremony and reception short at any time of year, it's especially essential when temps spike. Minimize time without shade and try to plan your wedding to start at the cooler points of the day, like a sunset ceremony and evening reception.

Beach Weddings

Why wait for your honeymoon to enjoy the beach when the India boasts of some fantastic beach destinations to tie the knot? Marry right on the sand, plan a sunset wedding. That way you are safe from the blazing rays of the sun, the beautiful gradient in the sky and the waves in the background are just an added bonus!

Pick a Fresh Color Palette

For summer weddings, skip darker tones in favor of lighter, airier shades. We love white weddings with pops of pretty pastels or bold colors, like bright yellows, coral, or blue. Figure out what works best in your space, but avoid heavy tones that make everything feel warmer than it already is.

Space for shade

While a party, rain dance, foam party and all the fun in the sun seems like a great idea, Ensure each venue has options for people to escape the sun for a bit. Plan for parasols, gazebos, oversized umbrellas etc with your event planner.

Ceremony Ideas

These panel programs spread out to create fans. That way, you can ensure that no guest will be without a cooling device. 

You plan could also plan for the battery operated mini fans, that could serve as wedding favours from your summer wedding.

Beauty Station

Having a beauty station at the reception is especially relevant if your reception/wedding ceremony is outdoors in the heat. This gives guests a chance to freshen up and get back as quickly as possible. All you need is a pretty table, mirror and some essentials such as deodorant, face wipes, perfume, and anything else your guests may desire.

Picnic Styled Sun downers

Instead of the traditional welcome lunch, plan a welcome sun downer at an outdoor space with some rustic décor. Gather some old benches, paint them up, and decorate them with cute picnic blankets, incorporate a BBQ. 

Set up lawn games, nothing says "summer" like playing lawn games in the summer breeze.